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The NO BLOG is a forum for further expanding on the themes and questions explored in Nordic Outbreak, as the project grows along the way. The blog will feature articles, artist interviews and reflections beyond the exhibition.

Xavier Aaronson
Christina Fleuron


Nordic Outbreak documentation

All image documentation from the Nordic Outbreak exhibition project is now available free for download by creditation here.  

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Egill Sæbjörnsson on his work Brick Is The Key (2013) commissioned for Nordic Outbreak


NO at Urban Media Kitchen, Berlin

On January 23 we presented Nordic Outbreak at Public Art Lab in Berlin invited by Susa Pop. Public Art Lab opened its doors in a kitchen-like atmosphere to bring together Berlin based…

Nordic Outbreak prelude shows Björk’s Mutual Core in Times Square

Björk Mutual Core Times Square from Nordic Outbreak on Vimeo.
Nordic Outbreak opens in New York with a special edited version of Björk’s ‘Mutual Core’, directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, which takes up Times Square Art’s Midnight Moment every night three minutes to midnight through March. This is a prelude to the launch week of exhibitions and events in New York City March 31 – April 6, 2013.
Video by David Bates, Jr.